Hakeem Jeffries Denies Kevin McCarthy’s Claim He Groused About GOP Getting the Better of Debt Deal: ‘No Idea What He’s Talking About’


House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) denied complaining to Kevin McCarthy about the framework for the new debt ceiling deal despite the House Speaker’s claims that he did.

Jeffries joined Margaret Brennan on Sunday for Face the Nation in order to discuss the agreement to raise the debt ceiling after weeks of negotiation to avoid a default. During the interview, Brennan noted that McCarthy went on Fox News Sunday earlier in the day, where he touted the bill while insisting Jeffries admitted there was nothing positive about it for Democrats.

“Right now, the Democrats are very upset,” McCarthy said to Shannon Bream. “The one thing Hakeem told me: there’s nothing in the bill for them. There’s not one thing in the bill for Democrats.”

Asked if he said that, Jeffries accused McCarthy of making it up.

“I have no idea what he’s talking about,” Jeffries said, “particularly, because I have not been able to review the actual legislative texts. All that we’ve reached is an agreement in principle.”

Asked to explain his talks with McCarthy, Jeffries said that “What I have consistently said, however, privately and publicly, was that the extreme MAGA Republican negotiating position and that the extreme bill that they passed on April 26th, the Default on America Act, contained nothing that was consistent with Democratic values or American values, and it was unreasonable to think that that negotiating position was going to be able result in a resolution that would make sense for the American people.”

While McCarthy defends the agreement he reached with President Joe Biden, the speaker is under fire by his fellow Republicans who’ve accused him of folding on spending cuts.

Watch above via CBS.

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