Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Asked About His Deleted Soros Tweet After Condemning Ilhan Omar on Fox News

Dem Congressman Condemns Colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar For ‘Hateful and Offensive Tropes’

Kevin McCarthy Sputters on Claim Trump Put People Before Politics After Chuck Todd’s Three Word Response

Steve King Bashes McCarthy, Liz Cheney After House Condemnation: What Gives Her the ‘Moral Authority’ to Criticize Me?

McCarthy Slams Pelosi’s SOTU Letter: ‘Unbecoming of a Speaker to Do This’

Kevin McCarthy Appears to Swipe at Paul Ryan When Asked Why GOP Never Punished Steve King

Kevin McCarthy Says ‘Action Will Be Taken’ Against Steve King Over Comments About White Supremacy

Kevin McCarthy Decries Steve King’s ‘Reckless’ Comments on White Supremacy: ‘Has No Place in Our Society’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: This is ‘Really’ Pelosi’s Shutdown, She Wants to Make a Point

Kevin McCarthy Pleads Democrats to Not Investigate Trump: US ‘Too Great a Nation’ For Such a ‘Small Agenda’

Here Are the Conservatives Who Pushed Soros-Caravan Conspiracy That Apparently Inspired Synagogue Shooter

Laura Ingraham: The Anonymous WH Official Trying To Thwart Trump’s Agenda ‘Could Be Traitorous’

Nancy Pelosi Mocks GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy for Not Knowing How Twitter Works

Kevin McCarthy Demands Twitter Ban House Candidate Who Called Melania Trump a ‘Hoebag’

GOP Strategist: McCarthy ‘Disqualified Himself’ for House Speaker With ‘Disgraceful’ Claims on Sunday Shows

CNN’s Dana Bash Presses Top GOP Rep. on Trump Tower Statement: Are You Concerned About the Lies?

Colbert Hits Trump Over Starbursts: Prefers Some Colors Over Others… ‘Like His Immigration Policy’

Kevin McCarthy Had Staffer Sort Through Starbursts and Pull Out Strawberry and Cherry Ones For Trump

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Gets Emotional While Talking About Steve Scalise

Kevin McCarthy is Spending His House Recess As a Weatherman

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