‘It Never Gets Old!’ Joe Scarborough Laughs at Loud Following Clip of ‘Cognitively Impaired’ Trump Gaffe


Frequent viewers of Morning Joe know that Joe Scarborough does not hold former President Donald Trump in high regard. In fact, many likely tune in to see the former GOP congressman criticize his former party because, well, that’s the way that many opt to get informed these days.

Loyal viewers were not disappointed Monday morning when Scarborough buried his head in his hands and openly laughed at the former president following a clip of Trump melodramatically warning of “WW II.”

During a speech at the Washington, D.C. Pray Vote Stand Summit, Trump said, “We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired, in no condition to lead, and is now in charge of dealing with Russia and possible nuclear war.”

As dramatic and emotional music played in the background, Trump continued, “Just think of it. We would be in World War II very quickly if we’re going to be relying on this man, and far more devastating than any war. There will never be a war if that happens— there will never be a war like this. It will obliterate everything there is, everybody, it will obliterate every country.”

“He’s talking about Joe Biden being cognitively impaired,” Scarborough continued. “He looks cognitively impaired. I don’t know that either of them are cognitively impaired. They get tired sometimes.”

“Donald Trump thinks we’re about to start World War Two. Joe Biden thinks the Ukraine is Iraq. I mean, you know, you get tired, you get confused. It happens,” the Morning Joe host added. “It happens to both sides. But, you know, the question is, are they going to keep talking about Joe being Joe Biden being cognitively impaired when Donald Trump sounds cognitively impaired every time he talks.”

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