‘It’s a Lie, Go Ahead and Play It!’ Vivek Ramaswamy Snipes at Andrea Mitchell in Latter Stages of Wild, Marathon Interview


Vivek Ramaswamy lost his composure and seemed to grow irritated when MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell pressed him on recent foreign policy criticisms from his GOP primary rival Nikki Haley.

Ramaswamy joined Mitchell Tuesday for an interview that quickly grew confrontational as the MSNBC anchor pressed the Republican presidential candidate on his criticism of Mike Pence, remarks on climate change, and his widelypanned foreign policy stances. The discussion eventually reached a point where Mitchell prepared to air a video of Haley commenting on Ramaswamy’s Taiwan views, and he disputed the characterizations before grumbling, “You can play Nikki Haley’s lies. Sure. Yep.”

Mitchell and Ramaswamy continued to clash as they spoke over each other while discussing the candidate’s controversial Taiwan policy. When Mitchell again tried to tee up Haley’s criticism of Ramaswamy, he responded, “It’s a lie. Go ahead and play it. Yep.”

The show proceeded to air Haley’s criticism of Ramaswamy’s past comments where he suggested reducing U.S. funding to Israel by 2028. The two have been at each others’ throats ever since the Milwaukee primary debate where Haley, a former ambassador to the UN, bashed Ramaswamy as a foreign policy neophyte.

Here’s how Ramaswamy reacted to the Haley clip:

With due respect, my concern is that our steps and NATO’s steps right now are marching us closer to world war by driving Russia further into China’s hands at a time when we have no visibility into what Russia’s red lines are. And further, at a moment when Russia has a larger nuclear stockpile and super EMP capabilities and hypersonic missile capabilities ahead of that of the U.S.

What I’ve said is I would end that war, but on terms that end the Russia/China partnership. That’s how we deter Xi Jinping from going after Taiwan. Right now, Xi Jinping’s bet is that the U.S. will not want to go for two different allied nuclear superpowers at the same time. But if Russia is no longer in China’s camp, then Xi Jinping is going to have to think twice before going after Taiwan. I’m the only presidential candidate who has affirmatively said we will defend Taiwan, because we have greater national interests there than we do in Ukraine.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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