Jeffrey Toobin Goes Off on Barr: ‘Fox News is in Charge of the Justice Department’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin lambasted Attorney General William Barr on Thursday claims of “spying” on the Trump campaign, declaring Fox News is now essentially in control of the Justice Department.

Toobin appeared on New Day to discuss Barr’s testimony regarding his intent to investigate whether Trump’s 2016 campaign was inappropriately surveilled upon during the 2016 election. The CNN chief legal analyst called Barr’s comments an “extraordinary adoption” of conspiratorial Trumpworld talking points, saying “Fox News is in charge of the Justice Department.”

“[Barr]’s obviously been watching a lot of Fox since he became a private citizen,” Toobin said. “He’s adopting their language and characterization of the department he now heads.”

Former CIA officer Phil Mudd agreed that Barr’s comments were deliberate, and while he understood that the counterintelligence probe on Trump should be reviewed because of its highly sensitive nature, the AG poisoned the context with the connotations of his remarks.

As Toobin continued to slam Barr’s “right-wing conspiracy talk,” Evan Perez pushed back by noting the AG’s attempts to walk back his remarks, suggesting Barr “created more heat than intended here.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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