Jesse Watters Not Afraid of Coronavirus: I Sat Next to an Asian Man Wearing a Mask on the Subway and I Ordered Chinese Food


Fox News’ Jesse Watters on The Five went on a riff against the novel coronavirus billing himself as impenetrable to the virus, stating that you can overcome the illness with the “power of positive thinking.”

The segment began with the Fox News co-host stating, “Yes, you want to know how I feel about the coronavirus, Juan [Williams]? If I get it, I will beat it.”

Watters then continued by stating that he both rode next to an “Asian guy” on the New York City subway and ordered Chinese food, as to tout that he is not nervous about contracting the deadly illness. 

“I’m not lying. It is the power of positive thinking and I think America needs to wake up to that. I live in Manhattan, I got off work the other night and went straight to the subway – Asian guy sits down to me with a mask on, what do I do? Finish the ride and I go home to order Chinese food,” the Fox News co-host boasted. 

“I’m not afraid of the coronavirus and no one else should be that afraid either,” Watters stated. 

Watters continued, “I have people calling me from the middle of the country and their property surrounded by acres. They live in the middle of nowhere and they are asking me about the coronavirus. Are you crazy? What are they scared for? Nine people have died. That is tragic but that is teeny.”

The Fox News co-host then stated that if infected with the virus and you expose others to the illness, you should “have charges pressed against you.” 

“Wash your hands, people. Don’t get sneezed on and cancel your trips to infected countries. And if you are at risk in this country, and have flu symptoms, quarantine yourself, call a doctor and get a test. If you are going to the mall eating in the food court, exposing everybody like an idiot, you deserve to have charges pressed against you…that is how I really feel.” 

Watters then stated that the United States is the best country to get the virus.

“This is the best country in the world to get coronavirus. If you get it in North Korea, they would shoot you dead. You should be lucky we live in this country,” Watters concluded. 

Watch above, via Fox News.

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