Joe Scarborough: Rupert Murdoch Needs a ‘Cronkite Moment’ to Break Political Tribalism


Morning Joe took a deep dive into the current media landscape Friday morning, presenting a harshly critical review of the outsized influence Fox News has on the United States as impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump inevitably unfold.

Coming out a segment in which Axios’ co-founder Jim Vandehei poured cold water on any notion that Congressional Republican support of an embattled president was a “dam about to burst,” co-host Joe Scarborough compared the current media landscape to the Vietnam war and the role that CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite played in framing public opinion.

“I do wonder if we’re in an age now where the only thing that could threaten Donald Trump would be a Cronkite moment on Vietnam asking is going on in Vietnam,” Scarborough said, adding “only this time it’s a Fox News moment, its a Rupert Murdoch moment that breaks the tribalism.”

Scarborough then said, “until more people at Fox News confront the constitutional crisis that we have in front of us, confront the fact that a president of the United States has decided to twist U.S. Foreign policy for the purposes of digging up dirt on a domestic political opponent, that tribalism continues.”

Jon Meacham sort of laughed off the question with “are we in an age where Sean Hannity is Walter Cronkite? Let’s get some drinks to see if we can get through that,” before showing off his curiously detailed knowledge of what seemed to be the darkest moments in U.S. history and the self-healing power of democracy.

Scarborough returned to the role that Fox News plays in shaping public opinion, especially with Trump supporters, and showed a long clip of Fox News anchor Chris Wallace explaining how the “quid pro quo” claims that lay at the heart of the impeachment inquiry is more than just a phone call. He then read the words of Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano, praising both for ostensibly speaking truth to power.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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