John Oliver Slams Tucker Carlson For Stance on Protests and Mail-In Voting: ‘Completely Wrong and Deeply Stupid’


Last Week Tonight host John Oliver went in on Fox News host Tucker Carlson over his coverage of both mail-in voting and of the protests and marches following the fatal arrest of George Floyd, calling him “a human boat shoe.”

“These protests are a response to a legacy of police misconduct both in Minneapolis and in the nation at large,” Oliver said. “And how that misconduct in and of itself built on the legacy of white supremacy that prioritizes the comfort of white Americans over the safety of people of color.”

Oliver then played a clip of Carlson deeming the current protests worse than police brutality.

“Rioting is the one thing you don’t want,” Carlson said. “Ugly opinions, police brutality, officious birdwatchers, rude and entitled ladies walking their dogs in big-city parks — all of that is bad. But none of it is nearly as bad as what you just saw.”

“Okay, first, f*ck you, Tucker,” Oliver shot back. “But look, for the larger point here, people like Tucker love to venerate order at moments like this, and that’s easy to do when order in its current form is designed to benefit and protect you.”

He then listed recent incidents of black deaths, police brutality, and racism across the United States to stress that “order” has constantly failed to protect black Americans:

Oliver slammed Carlson for a second time during his Sunday night show after playing a clip of the Fox News host claiming mail-in voting can lead to “widespread fraud and manipulation.”

Oliver then reminded viewers that voting by mail has been practiced since before the Civil War, and 25 percent of Americans cast mail-in ballots during the last election.

“Your premise that voting by mail is a new idea that would shatter democracy is in fact completely wrong and deeply stupid,” Oliver added. “That’s not a reflection on you though, is it? You just engaged in a dialogue in good faith, so thank you. Unless you weren’t doing that, in which case go f*ck yourself, you human boat shoe.”

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