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John Oliver Skewers Michael Cohen: ‘A Lawyer So Sh*tty’ Trump Said ‘Get Me Rudy Giuliani’

John Oliver Excoriates Rudy Giuliani: He’s Just Like Trump, ‘They Both Want to F*ck Ivanka’

John Oliver Bought Airtime During Hannity To Explain the Iran Nuclear Deal to Trump

John Oliver on Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’: Why Repeat ‘One of the Most Notorious Political Blunders’?!

John Oliver Takes on EPA Chief Pruitt’s Scandals: He Was Not Expecting That ‘Fox News Tone’

John Oliver Demolishes Sinclair Over ‘Must-Run’: Anchors Sound Like ‘Members of a Brainwashed Cult’

Charlotte Pence Responds to John Oliver’s Marlon Bundo Book

WATCH: John Oliver Releases Children’s Book on Mike Pence’s Gay Bunny Marlon Bundo

John Oliver Takes On ‘Cult-Like’ Bitcoin Craze in Hilarious Monologue: ‘Financial Freedom, Bro’

NRA TV Responds to Last Week Tonight Segment: ‘Get the Shirt That Made John Oliver Cry’

John Oliver Goes In-Depth in Hilarious Explainer of NRA TV: ‘What The F*** Is That?!’

John Oliver Mocks Plans to Arm Teachers as ‘Trump in A Nutshell’: A ‘Clearly Terrible Idea’

John Oliver Applauds Parkland Shooting Survivors For Demanding Action on Gun Control

John Oliver Mocks Nancy Pelosi: I Don’t Know If Anyone Wants to Hear Her Speak For That Long

Dustin Hoffman Accusers Pen Thank-You Note to John Oliver: ‘Few Men Put Themselves at Risk’

John Oliver Regrets Dustin Hoffman Confrontation: ‘The Whole Thing Just Made Me Feel Sad’

Alec Baldwin Dings Oliver, Colbert For Not Sticking to ‘Chit Chat’: Shows Look Like ‘Grand Juries’

The Mob Will Cheer Him, But John Oliver Was Wrong in His Dustin Hoffman Confrontation

Watch John Oliver Ruthlessly Grill Dustin Hoffman Over Groping Allegations

John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman Get Heated Over Sexual Harassment During Film Panel

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