John Oliver

Stephen Colbert Recruits Bryan Cranston, Laura Linney, and More for the Wildest Christmas Movie of the Season

John Oliver Dismantles ‘Drain the Swamp’ Myth: Trump Has Only Drained ‘Original Meaning’ of the Phrase

John Oliver Targets His Own Parent Company AT&T For Giving to ‘White Nationalist’ Steve King

John Oliver Mocks Chris Cuomo’s Instagram and Starts the #LetsNotGetAfterIt Challenge

John Oliver Mocks George Soros Paid Protester Conspiracy: People Just ‘Yell at Jeff Flake’ For Free!

John Oliver Mocks ‘Mentally Unstable’ Trump For Toilet Paper Gaffe: ‘Completely Unsurprising’

WATCH: John Oliver Dedicates Entire Episode to Ripping ‘Judge Animal House’ Brett Kavanaugh

John Oliver Reacts to Bob Woodward’s Book Fear: ‘We’re All Going to Die!’

John Oliver Issues Several ‘Retractions,’ Including That Myspace is Back: ‘It Was Never Tom Time, Motherf*ckers’

John Oliver Mocks Giuliani’s ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ Quote: ‘Don’t Worry Donald, Prison Isn’t Prison’

John Oliver Shreds Laura Ingraham: She’s ‘Honest About How Racist She Is’

John Oliver Explains What Manafort’s ‘Crippling Addiction to Bad Jackets’ Has to do With Trump’s 2016 Campaign

John Oliver Mocks Tucker Carlson’s Coverage of #MeToo: He Sounds ‘Like an Erection’s Temper Tantrum’

John Oliver Roasts Trump Administration: ‘Watergate, If the Entire White House Was on Bath Salts’

John Oliver Takes on Supreme Court, Fate of Roe v. Wade: ‘We Know It’s Bad Because Don Jr. is Happy’

John Oliver Airs Jeff Sessions’ Email, Asks People to Send Pictures of Their Bent Yet Erect Penises

John Oliver Skewers ‘F*cking Monster’ Stuart Varney For Callous Child Migrant Coverage

John Oliver Rips Trump Administration for Biblical Justification of Family Separation Policy

John Oliver Takes on Fox News’ Russia ‘Witch Hunt’, Mocks Hannity’s ‘Sh*ttiest Conspiracy Theory Ever’

Watch John Oliver Go on a Rant Against Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Almost Calling Him A ‘Feckless C*nt’

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