Jordan Klepper Gets Serious on Guns: ‘Frustrating’ Because ‘Very Small Minority’ Has Loudest Voices


Jordan Klepper, host of The Opposition on Comedy Central, spoke with CNN’s Brian Stelter this morning about the gun debate, the student survivors, and how there’s more “common ground” on this than people think.

Klepper recalled the special he did about guns and the people he spoke to on both sides for it. And he does believe there’s a lot of common ground here but that narrative doesn’t get out that much.

“And I think it was really frustrating,” he added, “because that wasn’t the narrative that was getting out.”

Klepper elaborated:

“If you have a gun, you don’t want somebody to have a gun who can do some harm with that gun. And I think that’s a very basic, basic thing. And I think the NRA takes this narrative and they make it all about grabbing guns, they make it about all these hyperbolic elements… The majority of people agree on the same thing with the gun issue. And I think there’s not enough attention paid to what the majority wants. It’s just this very small minority that feels like a majority, this gun lobby has a much louder voice than it needs to.”

He recently hosted Parkland students on his show and he told Stelter they’ve successfully captured the media narrative to get their message out there.

They also briefly addressed Alex Jones, the InfoWars conspiracist whom “Keppler” regularly mocks, and the increased scrutiny on his YouTube channel.

Watch above, via CNN.

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