Kate McKinnon Packs It Up as Jeff Sessions in SNL Cold Open

Saturday Night Live took on Jeff Sessions post-election firing in the latest cold open.

Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Sessions, giving fans — who took to social media this week to express their sadness that McKinnon’s Sessions impression days may be coming to an end — one more chance to see her play the now former Attorney General.

“I don’t understand how Mr. Trump could replace me with Matt Whitaker,” McKinnon as Sessions said to Sarah Sanders, as played by Aidy Bryant at the top of the sketch. “He’s just a shady businessman with no experience and blindly loyal to Donald Trump.”

Sanders then left Sessions to pack up.

Picking up his Bible, SNL Sessions said he “justified a lot of bad things” with the book.

Other Trumpworld characters also show up during the sendoff including Vice-President Mike Pence, as played by Beck Bennett.

“I put kids in cages, I said no to gays — what more do you all want?” Sessions said to a serious looking Pence.

Donald and Eric Trump (Alex Moffat and Mikey Day) also made an appearance.

Finally, after a visit from Robert De Niro‘s Robert Mueller  — who delivered a piece of toilet paper from the bottom of Trump’s shoe because “You know in Harry Potter when an elf gets that piece of clothing that sets him free?”  — McKinnon’s Sessions signed off with “Hey, don’t you worry, I’ll still be a little stinker!”

Watch above, via NBC


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