Kellyanne Conway Keeps Lying About Military Pay Raise, Even After Jake Tapper Corrected Her


CNN’s Jake Tapper applied a brutal fact-check to Kellyanne Conway on Twitter after the White House special counselor used a Monday press scrum to make at least two false statements about the military.

In the scrum, Conway defended President Donald Trump for feuding with former Navy admiral Bill McRaven — saying, “no president has shown greater respect for the military and the veterans.” Conway also gushed that Trump was responsible for the “first pay raise” the military has seen in nine years.

It’s interesting that Conway would make that pay raise claim again since Tapper called her out on it during a September interview on CNN’s State of the Union. Tapper pushed back as Conway peddled the claim — noting that raises “have been going on every year,” even if this latest one spikes among recent annual increases.

Here’s the interview in question, start at 5:25 for the relevant part.

As you can see, Tapper hasn’t forgotten about that. And now, he’s calling Conway out for spreading a talking point she knows is bogus:

Conway told a second falsehood — although Tapper didn’t call her out that one. Most Congressional Democrats voted to support the latest military spending bill, despite Conway’s claim that the measure “without a single Democratic vote.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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