Lara Trump Implies Women’s March Participants Are Sheep, Calls Rally a ‘Hateful Anti-Trump Protest’


Over the weekend, millions of women participated in Women’s Marches across the country, indicating that the energy displayed by The Resistance in the initial Women’s March in 2017 had not subsided. During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, one Trump family member described the rallies as “hateful” while suggesting that the women who participated were too stupid to know why they were marching.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump what she thought about Hollywood celebrities not only taking shots at her father-in-law during the rallies, but also apparently ripping Melania Trump.

“Women are supposed to stick together, even Hillary Clinton said that,” Earhardt stated. “And you have all these women that are saying such negative things about Melania. And she didn’t decide to run. She’s not the president.”

After saying that her mother-in-law has taken everything “with such grace and class,” Lara Trump claimed that the left is only okay with women as long as they “have their same opinion on things.” She then tore into the marches themselves.

“And, you know, I was so disappointed to see the Women’s March wasn’t just about women,” Lara Trump said. “It was more of a hateful anti-Trump protest, which I think is really sad because this president has done so much for women.”

But she wasn’t done. Following some boasts about how her father-in-law’s campaign was led by a woman and he’s brought women’s unemployment to a 17-year low — something POTUS tweeted about during the Women’s Marches — Lara Trump then questioned the intelligence of the marchers.

“And, yet, these women out there are so anti-Trump,” she told the Fox & Friends hosts. “And I don’t even think they know why. They just think that’s the thing to do.”

The F&F crew just left it there, as Steve Doocy wanted to know about Lara Trump holding down the fort at Mar-a-Lago for the president’s big fundraiser that he had to skip due to the government shutdown.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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