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Larry Wilmore Sits Down with Baltimore Gangsters for Pie and Riot Talk

While the rest of TV news may be content to simply look at footage of people who may or may not be gangsters, Larry Wilmore actually took the time to go down to Baltimore, sit at a diner with five of the city’s gang members, and eat some pie while talking about their response to the riots that have brought the city to national attention.

As one of the men told Wilmore, there wasn’t a formal agreement for rival gangs to band together — “We just had men respecting men as men,” he described it — but that they’d all come together over the bond of being constantly “pushed into a corner” by the police. That’s the kind of thing, they noted, that most Americans would understand: “When you go, ‘Hey man, I gotta pay my property tax!’ I can’t relate to that. I never paid property tax before.” (Wilmore then benevolently explained the oppression millionaires faced from the property tax.)

The conversation touched numerous subjects: Protecting property from rioters, trading sandwiches with the police, and, surprisingly, maybe seeing seen Jon Stewart at the protests. (Wilmore deadpanned: “Jon Stewart is nowhere around here, guys.”)

Watch via Comedy Central:

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