Lou Dobbs Goes After Republicans for Not Standing by Trump on Mueller Probe: ‘Low-Energy’


There’s been a lot of criticism of Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for not doing more to address concerns that President Trump may fire Robert Mueller.

But on Fox Business Network, Lou Dobbs criticized them and other Republicans for not doing enough to stand by Trump against the “witch hunt.”

Dobbs and Gregg Jarrett first dismissively mocked the media concerns about Trump’s attacks on Mueller. Dobbs said it was “as if he had brought down the furies from on high because he had whispered the name of Robert Mueller,” while Jarrett actually said the media’s acting like the Trump-Mueller “thought police.”

As they kept going back and forth bashing the media, Jarrett said Mueller is ‘not to be trusted” because his agenda is “to get the President.”

And that’s when Dobbs invoked the GOP:

“It must be a shared agenda with Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell as well, because they have the power to stand with the president here. They’re not doing it. I watch a Trey Gowdy, a Bob Goodlatte, who’ve become low-energy and taciturn and a little bit too pious for my taste as they consider letting the special counsel just simply meander through life here subverting the presidency. This is an ignorance within the Republican party that I really think has to be confronted.”

Yes, that’s a Fox host criticizing Trey Gowdy for not doing enough to defend Trump. Gowdy, of course, said yesterday to Trump’s lawyer that if the President is innocent his lawyer should act like it.

Jarrett said it’s “laziness” on the GOP’s part and said there aren’t that many Republicans who have a “backbone like a Devin Nunes.”

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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