comScore Lou Dobbs: 'Century After Century of Veneration' for Trump

Lou Dobbs Predicts ‘Century After Century of Veneration’ for Trump: ‘Greatest President in Our History’

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs offered more lavish praise for President Donald Trump in his Friday open, predicting endless “veneration” of Trump for centuries to come.

“House Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi, the enigmatic figure in the three-year effort by her party to overthrow President Trump, today she couldn’t … well, she couldn’t imagine moving those two articles of impeachment over to the Senate – trying to overthrow the greatest president in our history,” Dobbs said on Lou Dobbs Tonight and saying Pelosi withholding articles of impeachment “raises lots of questions.”

“As for Mitch McConnell, he’s fine with all of it,” Dobbs continued. “He doesn’t need swamp attorneys to tell him that no charges, no trial, and no way will the corrupt radical Dems be able to retain control of the House come November. No way will they ever stop President Trump’s re-election.”

Dobbs also proclaimed Trump had accomplished more “in two weeks than the entire Democratic Party this year” and predicting impeachment would end in failure.

“History is written by the winners, and that means President Trump and the Republican Party he leads will be the ones who decide. And it will be exoneration, and it will be century after century of veneration for this president,” Dobbs proclaimed.

Dobbs is no stranger to hagiographic praise of the current president: crediting Trump for the weekend and “making such a thing possible for us all.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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