Minnesota Gov. Apologizes to Jeff Zucker and CNN for Arresting Omar Jimenez, Promises to Have Team Released


Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has reportedly apologized to CNN President Jeff Zucker over the arrest of CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez during a live report of the civil unrest and protest of the police killing of George Floyd.

CNN’s New Day reported that Zucker spoke with the Minnesota governor who said he deeply apologizes for what happened. The governor reportedly promised to the CNN president that he is going to have the team released and that the arrest “was inadvertent and unacceptable what happened.”

During a live shot with police forces lined up behind him, Jimenez started his report to New Day co-anchors John Berman and Alisyn Camerota. After CNN reporter Josh Campbell filed a report, Camerota threw to Jimenez who was just moments away from being protested.

Jimenez can be heard telling police authorities that he and his crew were happy to go “wherever you want us we will go. We’re getting out of your way when you were advancing through the intersection. Let us know and we’ve got you.”

He then started his report, before being interrupted by arresting officers say “I’m sorry? Do you mind telling me why I’m under arrest, sir? Why am I under arrest, sir?”

Later in the show, Campbell (who is reporting nearby) noted that he was not arrested, which Berman accurately noted that the white reporter was left alone, while the reporter of color was arrested.

Watch the live report from CNN above.



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