Morning Joe Mocks GOP’s Midterm Numbers Despite Trump Rallies: ‘Strategy is Failing’


On Friday, Joe Scarborough found it amusing that President Trump‘s rallying blitz hasn’t made a bigger impact on the GOP’s poll numbers ahead of the midterms.

The remarks came as Morning Joe discussed Trump’s latest comments about immigration, particularly the idea that Trump is telling the military to treat any migrant carrying a rock at the border as if they were carrying a weapon. To this point, Scarborough asked his panel if Trump is “clueless” enough to think that authorizing the military’s use of force on migrant refugees will be enough to fix the gender gap in his poll numbers.

After Elise Jordan argued that the Trump Administration is using the military as “political props” instead of trying to fix the problems of immigration, Scarborough took the lead again and questioned if this is even going to work for Trump. The MSNBC host pointed to multiple polls indicating that the president’s recent talk of immigration isn’t really doing him a whole lot of good.

“This strategy is failing the president,” Scarborough said.

“Yeah. For all the places that are welcoming Donald Trump to rallies this weekend and want him there to help prop up a candidate, there are many, many others who want him to stay away,” said Willie Geist. “He’s talked about him a lot. He’s talked a lot about himself, and a new report suggests that could be a problem for his party.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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