Morning Joe on Avenatti’s Media Blitz: Is He ‘Auditioning’ For MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin?

Morning Joe on Friday held a discussion about whether Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer is using his nonstop media campaign as an audition for CNN and MSNBC.

The idea came up as Joe Scarborough went through the latest news about Michael Cohen‘s controversial lobbying work, and how it almost certainly connects to President Trump. MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch was on today’s panel, and after telling his colleagues about his latest conversation with Trump’s personal lawyer, said that Michael Avenatti looks like he has been “jumping the shark” with his media appearances lately.

“We’ve all watched the media a bit and obviously he’s done a lot of interesting things, if I’m managing Michael Avenatti at this point, I wouldn’t be on the air six hours a day. You’re starting to feel, as somebody who is in the media and watching the media, a guy who is a losing a little sight of where he is, of the position he’s in, and you almost get the feeling he’s already auditioning for Jeff Zucker and Phil Griffin for his next TV spot. If I was managing his brand a little bit – I think less is more.”

Jeff Zucker, of course, is the head honcho at CNN, and Phil Griffin his MSNBC counterpart.

Scarborough pushed back on Deutsch’s point by noting that Avenatti’s Trumpian tactics have worked for him so far.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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