Morning Joe Slams Sen. Johnson for ‘Secret Society’ Claims: ‘Limited Intellect’ or ‘Malicious Intent’?


The panelists of Morning Joe took turns bashing the Congressional GOP on Thursday, due to the news that the recent allegations of an anti-Trump “deep state” conspiracy might be entirely based on a joke.

Various Republican congressmen have raised questions over the last few days about the missing text messages exchanged between FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. The pair are known to dislike the president, and GOP lawmakers have been speculating about whether they once texted each other about the existence an anti-Trump “secret society” at the FBI’s highest levels.

Well it turns out ABC News obtained the text in question last night, and it seems the “secret society” remark was more of a jest than anything else.

As Joe Scarborough went over these revelations, he bashed Ron Johnson (R-WI) for irresponsibly suggesting that a coup d’etat was in motion against the president.

“Is there a recall process?” Scarborough asked. “It’s going to be very easy for us this morning to laugh at the stupidity of it all. There’s nothing funny about people using conspiracy theories to slur the men and women of the FBI at every turn.”

“So with Ron Johnson, it’s clearly one of two things,” Mike Barnacle followed up. “Either he is of such limited intellect that he couldn’t pick up upon reading those text messages, that it was a joke in the aftermath of the election and was literally written right after the aftermath of the election. Or it’s with malicious intent that he and others have combined in a cabal.”

Willie Geist also noted that several GOPers advanced the “secret society” conspiracy while admitting they didn’t know how true it was, which suggests they’re still more interested in helping Trump than the rest of the country.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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