Peter Strzok

Trump Orders Declassification of FISA Docs, Release of Russia Probe Texts From Strzok, Page, and Others

Trevor Noah Slams Peter Strzok’s ‘Bullsh*t’ GoFundMe Page: ‘There Are Cancer Patients On That Site!’

Trump Hits Back at ‘Crazed, Crying Lowlife’ Omarosa, Celebrates ‘Firing that Dog!’

Peter Strzok’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Client Gets Sacked By FBI: No Doubt Firing Was ‘Political’

GOP Rep’s Son Donates to Democrat, Slams Dad’s ‘Grandstanding’ For ‘Ruining’ Strzok’s Career

Trump Praises Strzok Firing: ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton Sham Investigation’ Should Be ‘Redone’

BREAKING: Peter Strzok Fired from FBI

Trump: Jeff Sessions Should Pull Plug On ‘Rigged Witch Hunt’ Before it Stains ‘Our Country Any Further’

Trey Gowdy Says ‘Public Hearings Are a Circus’ After Strzok Hearing: ‘It’s a Freak Show’

Ahead of Putin Summit, Trump Says ‘We’re Greatly Hampered by This Whole Witch Hunt’

Judge Jeanine Pirro Insists GOP Acted in ‘Genteel Manner’ During Off the Rails Peter Strzok Hearing

Former GOP Rep. on Strzok Hearing: ‘It Was a Humiliating Day to Be a Republican’

Rep. Steve Cohen: I ‘Regret’ Saying Peter Strzok Should Get A Purple Heart

Dem Rep. Reads Quotes From Ted Cruz, Rubio Bashing Trump at Strzok Hearing to Prove GOP’s Anti-Trump Bias

Rudy Giuliani: Strzok Testimony ‘Taints the Entire Mueller Witchunt’

Morning Joe Slams ‘Little Guy’ Trey Gowdy For Strzok Hearing: ‘Shame on These Pathetic Republicans’

Colbert Mocks Gowdy, Gohmert For Strzok Hearing: ‘Like A Few Good Men But With Even Fewer Good Men’

Ingraham Hits Gohmert For Strzok Exchange: ‘I Didn’t Think That Was Good’

GOP Rep Slams Dems for Treatment of Strzok During Hearing: It Was ‘a Five-Hour Cat Bath’

Dem Rep Defends Strzok With Bizarre Question: Is Bruce Springsteen Part of the ‘Deep State Conspiracy’?

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