MSNBC Analyst: Donald Trump Giving ‘Subliminal Orders’ to White Supremacist Terrorists


On Hardball with Chris Matthews, former Naval counterintelligence agent and MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance said President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric was giving “subliminal orders in their heads” to white supremacist extremists.

Nance was responding to questions about the motivations of the El Paso shooter, who drove 11 hours from Dallas as part of his targeted attack  that was, according to his posted manifesto: “a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” Nance analogized the xenophobic screed posted by the El Paso shooter to that of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who posted a similarly hate-filled manifesto before he gunned down dozens of families and children in 2011 based on his fears that too many Muslims were immigrating to his country.

“[Breivik] thought the ‘great replacement’ was underway in Norway and the government was allowing unbridled immigration into that country,” Nance explained. “This country has had several of these mass incidents, but I think we’re overdue for a Breivik-style real massacre of a political nature.”

Referring to anti-immigrant and white supremacist extremists like the El Paso shooter, Nance added: “These people feel that they are the foot soldiers and executors of the disenfranchisement that the white race is feeling and Donald Trump is giving them subliminal orders in their head. They are no different than the mobilized, self-staring, self-radicalized terrorists of ISIS here in the United States and Europe, who take cars and drive down streets [to kill people]. It’s just that they have a permissive environment in which they can get firearms and go out and attack their perceived enemies.”

“Wow, where to begin,” responded Matthews.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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