MSNBC Anchor Mocks Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Results: ‘I Might Be Just as Native American as She Is’

As a debate rages over Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s big announcement on her Native American heritage, one MSNBC host couldn’t help but poke fun at the findings of her DNA test.

Boston Globe national political reporter Annie Linskey appeared on MSNBC for an interview with anchor Craig Melvin to discuss their report on Warren.

Warren released a report on her heritage to the Globe on Sunday, and rolled out a full promotion of the revelations on Monday. The report found a Native American ancestor “somewhere between ten and six generations back in her family,” Linskey said.

“Did she gain anything by putting out the DNA test results?” Melvin asked Linskey. “Best I can gather, according to your paper’s reporting, she’s 1/1,000th, something like that.”

“I might be just as Native American as she is,” Melvin joked.

Linskey noted that Warren had to go far back to find the ancestor, but that the DNA test does provide “the first actual documentary proof of this thing that she’s been saying, which is that she had stories of Native American lore in her family.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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