MSNBC Guest Pumps the Brakes on ‘Wishcasting’ for Trump’s Disqualification Through the 14th Amendment


As legal scholars and Donald Trump’s opponents float the possibility of disqualifying him from the presidency through the 14th Amendment, Tim Miller explained on MSNBC why that idea is most likely just a pipe dream.

The former Republican National Committee staffer-turned-writer for The Bulwark joined MSNBC on Tuesday, where he was asked about the recent chatter on whether Trump could be stricken from the 2024 ballot in individual states under the 14th Amendment’s Section 3 insurrection clause. Trump has been lashing out over the idea, though Miller was asked about The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s opinion that invoking the 14th against Trump could have dire consequences for America’s institutions.

“Don’t make me agree with the Wall Street Journal editorial board. I hate to be in that position,” Miller responded. While that remark drew laughter from his fellow panelists, Miller proceeded to say that invoking the 14th Amendment “would have been stronger” if it happened right after the January 6th storming of the U.S. Capitol:

It would feel a little less political, but I just think as a practical matter, regardless of what you think about the legal merits of this argument, I think there are a lot of things that would very much work in the disfavor of our democracy. I think the response on the right would be apoplectic. There are a lot of secretaries of state who are Republicans who aren’t going to do this, obviously. So I don’t think it’s practically going to work.

I do dislike this argument that comes from many on the right, which is just like, ‘Don’t force us to be with President Trump by nominating weak Joe Biden and by doing things to hold Trump accountable.’ I hate those kinds of arguments you see from The Wall Street Journal and other places, but I do think the 14th Amendment thing is kind of wishcasting.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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