MSNBC Panelist: Bernie Sanders ‘Makes My Skin Crawl,’ I Don’t See Him as ‘Pro-Woman Candidate’


Former assistant U.S. attorney Mimi Rocah said on MSNBC Sunday morning that Bernie Sanders “makes my skin crawl” and suggested he’s not really a “pro-woman candidate.”

The panel on Up with David Gura was previewing the upcoming Democratic debates and a likely face-off between Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

As they got into the differences between the two candidates, Zerlina Maxwell said their approaches clearly differ and in Warren’s case “I actually know in detail how she wants to get there,” while when it comes to Sanders, “there are certain policies like Medicare for All that he put out a lot more detail than some of his other ideas, I don’t have as much of the detail of how we’re going to transform the health care industry.”

“Elizabeth Warren, on the one hand, will tell me exactly how,” she continued. “Sometimes Bernie Sanders does not. So I think it’s very important to have them on the same stage at a debate so you can make that direct comparison.”

At one point, Rocah teed off on Sanders by saying this:

“Having Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren next to each other will really highlight —— because for me, as, you know, again, I’m not the political analyst here, but just as a woman, probably considered a somewhat moderate Democrat, I… Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl. And I can’t even identify for you what exactly it is. But I see him as sort of a not pro-woman candidate. And so, having the two of them there —— like, I don’t understand young women who support him. And I’m hoping having him next to her, will help highlight that.”

The clip got some attention on Twitter earlier today, including from Team Sanders:

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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