MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Says GOP is Trying to Create ‘Fall Guys’ for Trump: The Strategy is ‘Throw These Guys Under the Bus’


MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi elaborated on a new report about the GOP strategy toward the impeachment inquiry, saying Republicans are trying to create “fall guys” for President Donald Trump.

Velshi was referring to a Washington Post report that suggests the GOP may attempt to argue Gordon Sondland, Rudy Giuliani, and Mick Mulvaney were acting independently of the president in Ukraine.

“Let me just be clear. The strategy is to throw one, two, or three of these men under the bus and suggest that they’re freelancing, that they were working on their own. That Donald Trump himself wasn’t looking for a quid pro quo. Didn’t direct it and didn’t authorize it,” Velshi said in his open on MSNBC Live Friday.

“The GOP is effectively offering up all three to be fall guys,” he continued. Velshi then went on to discuss the news with NBC News correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell.

“The Republicans can try to do that but what we’ve been hearing from these testimonies is that was actually not the case at all. We do know from people who have testified that Rudy Giuliani was getting his direction from the president,” Caldwell said.

Velshi seemed perplexed by the idea to offer up the current White House chief of staff as a “fall guy” and say Trump didn’t know anything.

“There is something very, very wrong with the idea that the acting chief of staff to the president–still the acting chief of staff, not a guy who’s been fired–could be a fall guy,” Velshi said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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