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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Confuses Actor Gene Wilder for Former VA Governor Douglas Wilder

Former GOP Rep. Lavishes Praise on Pelosi after Trump Meeting: ‘She Owned It Today’

Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro: Congress Has to Be Able to Discuss Impeachment

MSNBC Hosts ‘Thankful’ to Guests for Calling Cindy Hyde-Smith a ‘White Supremacist’ and Trump a ‘Predator’

Obama Energy Aide Slams Trump as ‘Afraid’ of Own Administration’s Climate Report: It’s ‘Shameful’

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Shreds Trump for Pro-Saudi Statement on Khashoggi: It Sounds Like It Was ‘Written by a 7-Year-Old’

Pro-Trump Activist Warns on MSNBC: ‘Witches’ are ‘Placing a Hex on Brett Kavanaugh’

MSNBC’s Velshi & Ruhle Go OFF on Kanye West For ‘Bonkers’ Rant: ‘That Was An Assault on Our White House’

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at 3 P.M.: Ali Velshi vs. Brooke Baldwin vs. Shepard Smith

Bill Kristol Suggests Trump’s Lester Holt Tweet Was Him Panicking About Obstruction of Justice Case

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Tears Into Trump For Saying He Could Run Mueller Probe: That’s ‘King-Like’ Power

WATCH: MSNBC’s Velshi, Ruhle Apply Searing Fact Check to Sarah Sanders’ ‘Straight-Up Lie’ on Obama Job Stats

MSNBC Contributor: Trump’s Performance Will ‘Live in Infamy’ as Much as Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Fact-Checks Trump: MS-13 is Not the ‘Immigration Danger’ He Claims They Are

WATCH: MSNBC’s Velshi Reads From Bible to Fact-Check Jeff Sessions’ Defense of Border Policy

Katy Tur on Trump G-7 Comments: We’re Seeing Him ‘Run Directly Towards Vladimir Putin’

Tucker Carlson Torches MSNBC’s Velshi & Ruhle on Caravan Coverage: ‘How Did People That Dumb Get TV Jobs?’

Rachel Maddow and Others Rally Around Joy Reid Following Quasi-Apology: ‘Never Been Prouder to Work With Her’

Ali Velshi Slams Trump For ‘Full-Up Weird’ Presser With Japan PM: ‘That Was an Infomercial For Mar-a-Lago’

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Tears Into Trump’s Newest Proposed Tariffs: ‘Sloppiest Thing I’ve Seen’

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