MSNBC’s Ruhle Stunned By Furious Guest Blasting Vegas Mayor’s Call to Reopen Strip as ‘Utter Bullsh*t!’


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle was visibly shocked on Tuesday when one of her guests called it “utter bullsh*t” that the mayor of Las Vegas is condemning the closure of non-essential businesses in her city while the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman drew media attention last week after referring to her city’s shutdown as “total insanity.” While the coronavirus has surpassed a nationwide death toll of 40,000 American lives, Goodman argued that the pandemic’s economic impact has been worse for Nevada than the virus itself, said the shutdown “makes no sense,” and called for the state to reopen soon.

To discuss this, Ruhle brought on former Diamond Resorts Chief Executive Officer Stephen Cloobeck and Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent to address the economic frustrations throughout Nevada. As Cloobeck praised Nevada Governor Stephen Sisolak (D) for how he has handled the crisis so far, he switch gears and said he was “furious” with Goodman because “she has nothing to do with the strip!”

“We’re sick and tired of hearing this!” He continued. He also said Goodman has no authority to open the strip because it belongs to Marilyn Kirkpatrick, chairwoman of the Clark County Commission.

“Enough mayor! You have nothing to do with the strip!” Cloobeck said. He finished by proclaiming it “utter bullsh*t!”

Ruhle flinched at the exclamation, but moved on to get Ralston’s take, who agreed that Goodman is “the insane one” and “has been saying all kinds of crazy stuff since the beginning of this.” When Cloobeck came back into the conversation, he took things down a notch and expressed optimism that Vegas will be able to rebound from the impact of the shutdown.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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