Nancy Grace On Casey Anthony Trial Defense: ‘That Whole Day Didn’t Amount To A Hill Of Beans!’


This morning on Good Morning America, HLN’s Nancy Grace and Mediaite founder and ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams continued to analyze the defense’s strategy in Casey Anthony‘s trial, particularly whether the defense was able to “score points” by putting the man who found Caylee’s body on the stand to testify.

Said Abrams:

I think the defense actually had a pretty good day, and yet they didn’t put a dent into the prosecution’s case. Meaning, they were able to show that Roy Kronk, this meter reader, made some inconsistent statements, but they weren’t able to show that he staged the scene. They were able to pose questions about whether George Anthony may or may not have had an affair, but they weren’t able to show that he put the body there. They were able to pit Lee Anthony and Cindy Anthony against each other with regard to certain testimony, but it still didn’t change the fundamentals of the case in my view.

So if there’s anything to take away from this trial, it’s that the defense has been adept at airing out this particular family’s piles of dirty laundry.

Later, when Abrams opined that yesterday had been the “most substantive day” the defense has had and that they were able to make some progress, Grace broke in, asking “A substantive day? That whole day didn’t amount to a HILL OF BEANS!” Don’t you ever change, Nancy Grace. Not ever.

Grace did cut to the core of the defense’s strategy, which seems to be throwing everything against the wall and “seeing what sticks.” The big question remains, of course: Will Casey Anthony testify?

Check out the segment, via ABC:

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