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NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio: ‘I Don’t Get’ the Outrage of Me Going to the Gym Before Widespread Closures

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio shrugged off the outrage he faced on Monday for going to the gym as workout facilities were about to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hours before New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered all gyms in the state to be closed for the sake of social distancing, de Blasio was slammed by critics on Twitter when he was spotted getting in a workout beforehand. As he spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday about his city’s efforts to combat the virus, the outrage came up, but he responded with “I don’t get it, but we’ll move on with our lives. The gyms are all closed now.”

“Is there any sense that you were late personally to get your arms around the sacrifice that’s required?” Camerota asked.

“No. Everyone will have to make sacrifices, but as our health commissioner said yesterday, people in new ways are going to have to get exercise,” de Blasio said. “Whatever scenario we’re going to tell people how to stay healthy. It may be a walk, it may be a jog, but obviously socially distanced, until and unless we get to the point of literally ordering everyone indoors. So this is going in stages. Somehow people are going to have to stay healthy and sane through this and it’s going to take a lot of improvisation for sure.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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