O’Reilly Faces CAIR Official Who Slammed Him for ‘Racist’ Stereotypes on Watters World

Earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly aired a Watters World segment in which Jesse Watters traveled to Dearborn, Michigan because of its reputation as a town with a large Muslim population. The segment was kinda lame––as are most Watters World segments––with Watters saying things to residents like “Do you miss the deserts?” and “What do you think is a higher power: the Constitution or Sharia law?” and “Which way’s Mecca?”

But the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was pretty outraged, and Dawud Walid, the executive director for CAIR Michigan, said, “It would be difficult for anyone to pack more racist and Islamophobic stereotypes and misinformation into a single segment. Once again, instead of a nuanced look at America’s rich ethnic and religious diversity, Fox News offers only crude caricatures of Muslims and Arab-Americans.”

Walid appeared with O’Reilly tonight, and explained to the Fox host there were also some factual errors in the piece. O’Reilly admitted there were things that “should have been clarified,” but did push back a bit by arguing that Watters World is “good-natured satire.”

Walid pointed out that the online reaction to the Watters World segment has been pretty shocking, but O’Reilly still insisted Watters meant “no malice” whatsoever.

Watch the original segment and tonight’s video below, via Fox News.

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