Bill O’Reilly

Former NJ State Rep.: O’Reilly Harassed my Ex, Asked for Dirt Against Other Accusers

Megyn Kelly Hits Bill O’Reilly: Fox News ‘Has Got Some Great People… He Is Not One of Them’

Alisyn Camerota: Fox News’ Culture of Sexual Harassment Was ‘Built From the Top Down’

Chris Hayes Mocks O’Reilly Taking Personal Responsibility By Using Old O’Reilly Factor Segment

John Huddy, Brother of O’Reilly Accuser, Sounds Off on Fox News Firing: ‘Disgusting What They’re Doing’

Photographer Terry Richardson Dropped By Conde Nast Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Bill O’Reilly Dropped by Talent Agency After New York Times Report

Virtue Signaling? After Rough Day for Fox News, Fox & Friends Literally Turned to Jesus

The View Destroys Fox News and O’Reilly: ‘Where the Hell Was HR?!’

Megyn Kelly on Navigating Fox News: Roger Ailes Went from My Harasser to ‘My Mentor’

CNN Analyst on O’Reilly: Powerful Men Should Not Meet With Women Alone

Why Megyn Kelly’s Rebuke of Bill O’Reilly Was Her Best Moment on NBC Thus Far

Megyn Kelly is No Hero for Her Role in the Bill O’Reilly/Fox News Scandal 

Colbert Hits Bill O’Reilly Below The Belt: He’s a ‘Scrotum Who Wished To Be a Real Boy’

Bill O’Reilly is ‘Mad at God’ For His Sexual Harassment Scandal

Trevor Noah Hits Fox News: They’re ‘Woke in the Streets,’ But ‘Enablers in the Sheets’

S.E. Cupp Torches Fox News With O’Reilly and Ailes Side-By-Side

Gabriel Sherman Hits O’Reilly: ‘Basically Shaming Victims Too Scared to Come Forward’

Chris Hayes: ‘Might Be a Little Awkward’ for Fox News to Keep Talking About Weinstein Now…

O’Reilly Apologizes to Eric Bolling for Comments Invoking His Son’s Death

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