Fox News Panel Blows Up After Hosts Insist Trump’s Military Parade is ‘Not About Him’: ‘He’s Trying to Celebrate His Dang Country!’


Fox News show Outnumbered hit a boiling point on Tuesday during a debate over whether President Donald Trump is making Independence Day all about himself with the planned celebrations in Washington D.C.

Jessica Tarlov kicked off the debate by noting that the 4th of July is not supposed to be a partisan holiday, and she also criticized Trump’s insistence on having heavy military equipment brought in for his speech on the National Mall.

“Should the president be there?” Tarlov asked. “It’s supposed to be nonpartisan…If a Democrat president was up there you’d be totally chill?”

The discussion heated up from there — with Tarlov saying “I can’t take it” at one point. Tomi Lahren then suggested that Democrats aren’t patriotic. And Brian Brenberg – Tuesday’s #OneLuckyGuy – rejected the idea that having tanks around is a partisan display.

“Unless the Blue Angels are spelling out ‘Trump’ with their trails in the air, it’s not about him,” Dagen McDowell argued. “It’s a representation of the military.”

When Tarlov asked why the RNC is selling tickets for the Capitol’s celebrations, Lahren couldn’t answer, but she insisted Trump is “not making it about him.”

“He celebrates his country. What is so wrong?” Lahren asked. “Why are the Democrats so mad that he wants to celebrate his dang country?!

“It’s the left pushing it out saying we don’t want to show patriotism, we don’t want to show military strength,” she added.

“That’s not true!” Tarlov shot back. “The presidency is not synonymous with patriotism…He shouldn’t co-opt an event that has always been nonpartisan for his own purposes.”

From there, well…here’s how it went when the panel kicked around the hypothetical of a Democratic president bringing in military vehicles in a similar fashion as Trump:

Melissa Francis: “I would have no problem with President Obama did this.”

Lahren: “I would celebrate it.”

Tarlov (sarcastically): “Oh my god, Tomi at the front row at President [Kamala] Harris’ Lincoln Memorial address Fourth of July 2021? I’ll see you there.”

Lahren: “If I could see a Democratic president celebrate and love this country to the extent Donald Trump loves this country, I would celebrate.”

Tarlov: “This is so ridiculous.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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