Outnumbered Hosts Say Dems Need Fox Debate to Reach ‘Union Workers’ Like ‘Joe from Scranton’

Fox Host Kennedy Goes Full Trump With Terrible Beto Nickname ‘Beta O’Dork’: ‘He’s a Beta Male!’

Fox News Guest Defends GOP Against Anti-Semitism Allegations: ‘George Soros is a Very Terrible Man’

Fox News Host Hits ‘Sexist Feel’ to Criticism of Dem Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Fox News Contributor: 10% of Trump Voters Have Embraced MAGA as ‘Make America White Again’

Fox Host Kennedy: Shift in Kirsten Gillibrand’s Views is ‘Almost a Form of Mental Illness’

Fox News’ Outnumbered Baffled By Giuliani’s ‘Collusion’ Claim: ‘Why Did You Speak?’

Shepard Smith Appears to Swipe at Outnumbered For Trashing NYC: Crime is Low and ‘Streets Are Clean’

Fox News Panel Bizarrely Decides ‘Filthy’ NYC is ‘More Dangerous Than Ever’, Ignoring Record Low Crime

Sitting Congressman Rails Against Partisan Rhetoric… While Guest Hosting Fox News Show

Fox News Host: ‘Funny’ That Trump Takes Credit For Good Economy, But Not the Bad

Fox News’ Outnumbered Hits Trump For Iraq Trip: Troops ‘Deserve Way More Respect Than That’

Fox News Panel Says Trump’s Wall is ‘Never Going Up’: He’s in For ‘Rough Ride’ If He Picks This Hill to Die On

Fox News’ Outnumbered Debates Trump’s Divisiveness: ‘He’s Certainly Not Helping’

Fox News Host Hails Trump as the ‘Ultimate Dealmaker’ For Border Wall Showdown: ‘Let Him Do His Magic’

Fox News’ Outnumbered Debates Border Wall Funding: Trump’s Base ‘See He’s Caving’

Fox Host Kennedy: ‘We Would All Be Up in Arms’ If Obama Pulled What Trump Did on Border Wall

Fox Host: Trump’s Border Wall Showdown Is a ‘Read My Lips Moment’

Napolitano Sides With Comey After His Tirade Against Republicans: ‘I Can Understand His Frustration’

Fox News’ Outnumbered Debates How Much Trump Payments Matter: I Bet He Did This ‘Long Before’ Campaign Too

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