Fox News Guest Charles Hurt: ‘Where Was Jim Acosta’s Apology’ to Trump Supporter Who Flipped Him Off?

Oprah’s Speech for Democrat Draws Raves From…Fox News: ‘She is Going to Get That Woman Elected’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Scolds Fox News for ‘Inappropriate’ Laughter During Segment on Synagogue Shooting

Fox News Responds to Drudge: There Was ‘Absolutely No Joking or Laughing’ About Synagogue Shooting

Fox News Contributor Declares Obama ‘One of the Most Divisive Presidents’ Of All Time

Eric Trump Defends Father Cheering on Reporter’s Assault: ‘This is Actually Exactly Why My Father Won’

Outnumbered Cries ‘Fascism’ Over Trump-Kanye Summit Criticism: Media Has a ‘Holier-Than-Thou’ Attitude

Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov Goes Off During Kavanaugh Debate: I’m ‘Being Yelled at by Everybody’

Kennedy Clashes With Dem Strategist Over Whether Democrats Are Responsible for Political Violence

Fox News’ Lisa Boothe Bashes Christine Ford: None of Her Allegations Have ‘Any Credibility Whatsoever’

Fox Business Host on NY Times Report That Trump Committed Tax Fraud: ‘No One Cares!’

Fox’s Lisa Kennedy Suspects Rosenstein Chaos Orchestrated to Distract From Kavanaugh Allegations

Fox News Panel Absolutely Shreds Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Puerto Rico Response: It ‘Cheapens Us as a Country’

Fox News Debate Erupts Over Economy: GOP Should ‘Pay Attention, Not Take a Victory Lap’

Fox’s Outnumbered Goes After Lanny Davis Amid Controversy Over CNN Report: ‘He’s Full of it, Obviously’

WATCH: Outnumbered Battles Over ‘Feckless’ Jeff Sessions Amid Renewed Spat With Trump

Outnumbered Debate on Trump Investigations Gets Intense: If Washington Elites Don’t ‘Anoint You,’ They’ll ‘Destroy You’

Fox’s Outnumbered Not Thrilled With Trump’s Mueller and Sessions Tweets: ‘Kind of Ridiculous’

Fox News’ Katie Pavlich: Ocasio-Cortez Barring Press From Event Signals She’s ‘Harboring’ Illegal Immigrants

Outnumbered Has Fierce Debate Comparing Treatment of Terrorists and Paul Manafort: ‘Utter Whataboutism!’

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