Pete Hegseth Scolds Justin Timberlake For Not Letting Son Play Football: ‘This Guy Was in a Boy Band’


Manly man Pete Hegseth, appearing on Fox Business Network Friday morning, had manly words for “boy band” singer Justin Timberlake over the Super Bowl performer’s recent remarks that he will never let his son play football.

Hegseth, who appeared on Stuart Varney’s show from a diner in Minneapolis with a pigskin in hand, dismissed Timberlake’s concerns for the health and safety of his offspring as a sign of our emasculated times.

“This guy was in a boy band, I think his son will be much more qualified to be in a boy band,” Hegseth quipped. “It’s a lot safer on stage than it is on a football field, right?” (Tell that to XXXTentacion…)

The Fox & Friends weekend host continued that Timberlake’s comments are all part of the great war between the “elites” and the common man:

“Come on, this indicative of the way the elites see football, and tough sports and manhood, frankly,” Hegseth said. “You learn things when you get hit.”

“Listen, we all care about player safety, that’s important,” Hegseth continued. “But to say ‘no, my kid can’t play football because I’m worried he might take a hit,’ it’s indicative of sort of the softness that we get.”

Varney noted that Hegseth is “going to get clobbered” for his comments.

“The idea that you put safety on one side and ignore concussions, every mom in this country is throwing things at the TV set right now,” Varney said.

“As a fan, I want to see hits and I want to see a real game on the grid iron,” Hegseth countered. “I just think it sounds soft — what if his boy wants to go play wide receiver? Why can’t he?”

“This is America, where you can do anything,” Hegseth concluded.

Now, while there is no footage available online of Hegseth playing football, there is this clip of him hurling an axe at an unsuspecting marching band drummer. Now that’s manly.

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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