Stuart Varney

Varney Shuts Down Surreal Interview With Elon Musk’s Brother: ‘You Think My Viewers Want to Learn About PLANT A SEED DAY!?’

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Economy Doing Really Well Under Trump, But ‘Wasn’t the Table Set by Barack Obama?’

Fox Business Host Stuart Varney Asks Trump if Aides Try to Confiscate His Phone to Stop the Tweeting

Fox Business’ Stuart Varney: Christine Ford is ‘Undermining the Integrity of the Court’

Fox’s Napolitano Says Christine Ford Comes Off With ‘Great Credibility’: ‘At This Point, She is 100%’

Fox’s Stuart Varney Says NFL Players Who Protest Shouldn’t Get Paid: They’re ‘Biting the Hand That Feeds Them’

Candace Owens Claims on Fox That Antifa Refuses to Shower as Political Statement: ‘They Smell’

John Oliver Skewers ‘F*cking Monster’ Stuart Varney For Callous Child Migrant Coverage

Stuart Varney: If Media Keeps Up ‘Extreme’ Language, They’re Going to Get Somebody Killed

Stuart Varney: The Media ‘Will Never, Ever’ Report Positive News About Trump’s Economy

Varney Interviews Virginia GOP Senate Nominee, Doesn’t Ask About Alt-Right Ties

Rep. Louie Gohmert Fawns Over Trump’s Cancelled Summit: Kim Jong Un Will ‘Come Back Begging’

Varney Grills WH Aide on Trump-Biden Feud: Americans ‘Embarrassed’ by President Using That Language

Brian Kilmeade Turns Segment on Olympic Star Chloe Kim Into Sermon on Immigrating ‘Traditional Way’

Stuart Varney Hits GOP Over Inflated Budget: ‘What on Earth’ Are They Thinking?

Pete Hegseth Scolds Justin Timberlake For Not Letting Son Play Football: ‘This Guy Was in a Boy Band’

Stuart Varney is Absolutely Outraged That The Guggenheim Offered Trump a Golden Toilet

Huckabee Mocks Pelosi: ‘Nancy Schmancy’ Is So Fancy She Puts Caviar On Her Five Guys Burger

Fox Business Host Stuart Varney Suggests He’ll Now Tip Less Because of $15 Minimum Wage

Forget Oprah! Trump Surrogate Says POTUS Could Beat ‘Jesus and the Virgin Mary’ in 2020

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