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Pete Hegseth: The Real ‘Agents of Russia’ Are Democrats and Media Reporting on Election Interference


Fox News host Pete Hegseth made the stunning claim that the media and Democrats who publicly comment about Russian interference in U.S. elections are helping Russia “sow discord and disinformation and delegitimize our Republic.”

To make sure his point was not lost to Fox & Friends viewers, he added  “they are willing to parrot what The Kremlin is saying. They’re the agents of Russia. Not Donald Trump, not this White House.”

Hyperbole or genuine analysis? Hard to say anymore more in this super-divided world of parallel narratives, but the reporting is that this information is coming from Trump’s own intel community.

The Fox  Friends segment opened with a montage of numerous on-air reports from MSNBC, CNN and ABC News reporting on a recent New York Times article about ongoing Russian interference. A staffer of now-ousted Acting DNI Joseph Maguire briefed the House Intelligence Committee in a classified setting that the Russians are trying to meddle in the 2020 election to assist in getting President Trump elected, but also to sway the Democratic primary race.

Hegseth dismissed the stunning report, which was also confirmed by The Washington Post, by saying that all of this is basically nonsense. “This is an attempt to discredit President Trump, that’s it,” he said, adding that the effort seeks to “delegitimize him all the way, that’s why he wins again.”

“Every single media member in that clip, every single Democrat that parrots what they are saying, they are working together, they’re the agents of Russia, this is what Russia wants they want to sow discord and disinformation and delegitimize our republic. Destabilize it. They are not our friends, they know when we are strong they are in a worse position,” Hegseth said.

Steve Doocy agreeably chimed in, noting that this is what the Democrats and media “have done for years.”

Hegseth continued, saying “This is what they do, the Democrats the media fell for it. They keep falling for it. They hate Trump so much. They are willing to parrot what The Kremlin is saying. They’re the agents of Russia. Not Donald Trump, not this White House.”

At the start of the Friday morning episode of Fox & Friends,  Brian Kilmeade commented on the election interference news by offering this explanation to viewers: “Russian operatives working to get Americans to repeat disinformation.”

According to Hegseth, the Americans spreading disinformation on behalf of Vladimir Putin are those critical of President Donald Trump, though others may see it the other way around.

It’s a weird old world.

Watch above via Fox News.

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