‘Red Flags’: Grocery Manager Tells Fox News Buffalo Shooter Once Asked Her Why She Works in ‘All-Black Store’


A manager at the Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo where 10 people were gunned down and murdered has recalled the suspected shooter using racial slurs in front of her and asking at one point why she worked at an “all-Black” store.

Produce manager Rose Wysocki spoke to Fox News reporter Alexis McAdams during a Thursday report on America’s Newsroom. Wysocki recalled the red flags alleged shooter Payton Gendron had shown in the weeks leading up to the attack.

She recalled being asked by the suspected shooter why she worked at an “all-Black” store when she looked like she “belonged” in the suburbs. Wysocki is White. All 10 people killed in the Saturday shooting were Black. A manifesto containing racist ideologies, including the Great Replacement Theory has also been connected to the alleged shooter.

“I’ve talked to him. He’s been in the store,” Wysocki said, visibly upset. “How did we miss this? What did we do wrong that we missed this?”

Wysocki was present during the shooting at the supermarket. She said she took cover in a conference room while she could hear the shooter making their way through the store.

“I could hear it going from the produce area, carry-out cafe, deli, bakery, meat department, and coming closer and closer and for a split second, it stopped, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, thank God the police are here, the police are here,’ and [then] it started back up again,” she told Fox.

Wysocki recalled in separate media interviews more detailed warning signs from Gendron. In an interview this week with the New York Post, she recalled him referring to her as “another n***** lover.” She said she avoided interactions with the 18-year-old from then on.

Shonnell Harris Teague, another manager at Tops, said earlier this week that Gendron visited the store the night before the shooting and was asked to leave after bothering customers. Police say the alleged shooter had plans to continue his spree after the supermarket.

Gendron was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday and is facing first-degree murder charges for the Buffalo shooting.

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