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Rep. Barney Frank ‘Disappointed’ America Is Being ‘Pushed Into A Greater Role’ In Libya

Democratic Congressman Barney Frank appeared on Morning Joe and agreed with Joe Scarborough‘s argument that American involvement in multiple foreign countries is unsustainable. Frank went even further, suggesting that American interventionism often leads to worse consequences, which is evidenced by the Iraq war doing “more harm than good.”

Frank’s view on Libya:

“I’m disappointed, my initial reaction yesterday was – maybe this is a good thing because for the first time other people are taking the lead, but now I see American airstrikes. . . . [At first I thought] at least America is playing a more subordinate role, but what I’m afraid now is happening is we’re being pushed into a greater role.”

Frank declared that he’s only prepared to support a “minor participation in this effort,” because he believes any larger action would be harmful to America and could help spread anti-America attitudes in the region. “I’d be morally conflicted if I thought that when we sent American troops in there we always did something good,” Frank argued.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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