Republican Senator Claims Fentanyl is Easier to Get Than Pizza: You Can Have it ‘Delivered to Your School’


Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) sounded the alarm over the accessibility of fentanyl by claiming that the opioid is “easier to get than ordering pizza.”

Marshall spoke with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday — for a conversation which focused, in part, on apprehensions and drug seizures around the U.S. southern border in the last four days. As Bartiromo complained without evidence that the Biden administration keeps the border “wide open,” Marshall spoke about his efforts to counteract fentanyl use in Kansas.

After warning of the fatalities caused by the fentanyl crisis, Marshall eventually went into an odd metaphor for how easy it supposedly is to obtain the drug.

And by the way, fentanyl is easier to get than ordering pizza. You can have fentanyl delivered to your school. The cartel now has drug sellers, pushers in those schools as well. Easier to get than pizza, and much more accessible as well. That’s the challenge before us. It’s so easy to get.

Marshall didn’t provide any case studies where a large half-pepperoni, half-sausage pie was delivered to a school with fentanyl stuffed into the crust. This marks the latest in Republican fearmongering over fentanyl while connecting the drug crisis to illegal immigration.

Watch above via Fox Business.

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