Rex Tillerson: Hopeful ‘Russia and China Can Use Their Influence’ for NK Dialogue


Amid the “nuclear -level” saber rattling going on from both Pyongyang, North Korea and Trump National Country Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, people are legitimately concerned about a possible nuclear attack. Yesterday, President Donald Trump promised “fire and fury the likes of which the world has ever seen” unless North Korea ceased threatening language. It seemed a bluff that North Korea appeared to immediately call with leaked plans to possibly attack US Territory — and US Military base — Guam.

Enter Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who drew the short straw and — while on a refueling layover in Guam — had to calm national nerves.

Footage of an interview Tillerson provided on the flight was released this morning, and while the Secretary of State clearly sees North Korea’s missile capability as a serious situation, he does “not believe that there is any imminent threat in (his) own view.”

In the clip above, Tillerson speaks of a diplomatic solution and specifically name checks both China and Russia as allied global supporters of deescalating current tensions with North Korea.

“We hope they will be encouraging now to stand down their program, to abide by the U.N. security council resolutions which both China and Russia have voted for in the past,” adding that he remains “hopeful that (Russia and China) can use their influence,” adding that he believes “they do have influence with the regime to bring them to a point of dialogue, but with the right expectation of what that dialogue will entail.”

When asked if anything has happened in the past 24 hours that dramatically changes the situation (like a “fire and fury” comment perchance?) Tillerson cooly batted that down saying that nothing is different.

Tillerson sees a peaceful and diplomatic resolution to what some see as heightened tensions, and hit a calming note that “American should sleep well at night and have no concerns about this particular rhetoric over the past few days.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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