Rich Lowry Badgers Joan Walsh in Tense ‘Sh*thole’ Debate: Rather Live in ‘Norway or Haiti?’


In the wake of President Donald Trump calling Haiti, El Salvador and African nations “shithole countries” while criticizing protections for immigrants from those areas, you knew that most of the conversation on cable news would revolve around those comments. And you also knew that, eventually, things would get heated.

During a panel discussing on CNN this evening, newly hired CNN political commentator Joan Walsh mixed it up with National Review editor Rich Lowry after Lowry tried to get Walsh to go on the record about which country she would rather live in.

After claiming the president only brought up wanting more people from Norway because he recently met with the Norwegian prime minister, Lowry then began talking about the need for a merit-based immigration system. He added that even if the U.S. went to that, people from Norway wouldn’t move here because that country isn’t a “basket case.” Instead, it would be immigrants from southeast Asia.

Walsh shot back that Lowry was contradicting what the administration was saying as “they said the reason they are ending these protections for Haitians is that, specifically, those countries are no longer basket cases and they can go back.”

Walsh then took offense at Lowry saying she was contradicting herself and was taking a “left position,” stating that some of the countries have problems but that the immigrants Trump is looking to send back have been here for years without causing issues. “There’s really something cruel about displacing them and something racist,” she added.

Lowry took this opportunity to jump in and push Walsh to answer which country she’d prefer to live — Haiti or Norway. After badgering her a bit on this issue, saying she couldn’t answer the question, Walsh didn’t even bother to hide her irritation.

“It’s none of your business, actually,” she exclaimed.

Host Erin Burnett interjected, telling Lowry that “it’s not a matter of where you want to live, it’s a matter of whether an individual can be productive.”

The continued a bit longer, with Lowry eventually adding that he wasn’t trying to say the level of skills and education in certain countries was the fault of those who live there, but just a matter of civil strife and war.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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