Rick Wilson Delivers Eye Roll Inducing Takedown of Kellyanne Conway: She ‘Likes Lies Like a Fat Kid Likes Cake’


GOP strategist Rick Wilson is not exactly a huge fan of the Trump administration. Yet his most recent takedown of Kellyanne Conway and her lies was just plain cringeworthy.

It all happened during a CNN panel Sunday afternoon that was discussing Conway’s contentious interview with Jake Tapper on State of the Union earlier in the day.

During Conway’s appearance on Tapper’s show, the White House counselor and frequent Trump explainer did her best to try to counter accusations that President Donald Trump had lied about the Stormy Daniels hush money.

Yet as Wilson noted in his critique of Conway’s appearance, Trump’s counselor did not only seem to be protecting Trump, she also seemed to be protecting herself a bit.

“Kellyanne was doing some limited walk-back this morning and she was trying to insulate herself a little bit,” Wilson began.

Then he said this: “Look, this is a woman who likes lies like a fat kid likes cake…She has absolutely no problem being the most mendacious and untruthful person on television. But if it’s to the point where it is making her uncomfortable when she is saying, ‘I don’t know about that stuff,’ and you know there is a bigger issue below the surface here.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter reacted to Wilson’s words with a visible eye roll.

Yet, Wilson was not done yet.

To cap it off, he concluded the whole Stormy Daniels scandal is “filth iceberg,” and while Conway may not know all the facts, she “doesn’t want to get tagged with knowing about.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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