Rob Lowe to O’Reilly: Individuals Usually Do Better Job Than ‘Big Government’

Rob Lowe sat down with Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday to talk about his recent comments that Hollywood has a bias against good-looking people and that the government should be “out of almost everything.” On the former, O’Reilly ribbed Lowe a bit on the idea good-looking people have a hard time in Hollywood. Lowe joked about it too, but argued that more often than not people like him aren’t cast in normal roles like “PTA father” and instead are suggested for roles like “rich jerk.”

O’Reilly then brought up Lowe’s comments on the government, remarking how his “pinhead friends” in Hollywood won’t likely agree with him. Lowe said, “Individuals usually do a better job than collective big government.”

O’Reilly told Lowe that makes him sound like a libertarian, and Lowe got mock-exasperated that he was “shedding the dogma of political labels” only to end up being labeled again. Lowe did add that the government is necessary to deal with the “big-ticket items” the country faces.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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