Rosie Perez Blasts POTUS For Puerto Rico Response: ‘This Will be a Stain’ on Trump ‘Forever’

In recent days, a lot of attention has been focused the decimation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria and the slow response from the federal government and White House. Recently, the acting DHS secretary has taken quite a bit of heat for saying Puerto Rico is a “good news story” while the island is engulfed in a humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, US officials have privately acknowledged that President Donald Trump‘s reaction to the disaster was far too slow.

Appearing on CNN today, actress Rosie Perez got extremely emotional and absolutely tore into Trump for appearing to not care at all about Puerto Rico. After telling host Brooke Baldwin about how her family was dealing with the situation on the island, and highlighting how dire it is on the ground there, Perez ripped the president for constantly bringing up the territory’s debt while discussing the recovery.

“First it was shock,” Perez said in reply to Baldwin’s question about her emotional state. “And then it turned into dismay. Then it turned into tears, and then it turned into raging anger from the president’s response.”

She continued, “Even today, earlier today, he still had the nerve to bring up the debt. It’s just — you don’t kick people when they’re down.”

After comparing the responses to the storms that hit the mainland to what is going on with Puerto Rico, a clearly upset Perez said “this will be a stain on Donald Trump’s name forever.”

She ended the segment by looking into that camera and addressing Trump personally, telling him to send in the troops and to please “show some empathy” towards Puerto Rico.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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