Puerto Rico

Trump Reportedly Wants to Nix Disaster Aid to Puerto Rico

WATCH: San Juan Municipal Tower Raided by FBI Weeks After Trump’s Corruption Allegations

Trump Complains to Geraldo Rivera He Didn’t Get ‘Thank You’ For Puerto Rico Storm Response

Fox News Panelists Rip Trump Over Puerto Rico Tweets: ‘Disgusting’ to Push Conspiracy Theory

Jake Tapper Rips Trump’s Puerto Rico Tweets: ‘Seems to Think That the Real Victim Is Him’

Fox Biz Analyst Ed Rollins Defends Trump’s Death Toll Tweets: He Thinks Puerto Ricans Are ‘Not For Us Anyway’

Trump Biographer David Cay Johnston: President Doesn’t See Non-Whites as People

Morning Joe Rails Against Trump’s Puerto Rican Death Toll Conspiracy: ‘He’s A Very Small Man’

John Heilemann: Trump’s ‘The First Puerto Rican Truther’; Even Sandy Hook Truthers Are Like, ‘Dude, People Died’

Seth Meyers: We Don’t Need Books or Anonymous Op-Eds to Know That Trump is a Conspiracy-Peddling Narcissist

Trevor Noah Tears Into ‘Sh*tstorm Donald’ for Tweets Doubting Puerto Rico Death Toll

CNN’s Kirsten Powers: Trump’s Base Is in Fox News ‘Alternative Universe’ Where Puerto Rico Never Happened

Jake Tapper Fact-Checks Trump’s ‘Shocking and Disturbing’ Tweets Doubting Puerto Rico Death Toll

White House Defends Trump’s Puerto Rico Tweets: Liberal Media and Mayor ‘Tried to Exploit the Devastation’

Ana Navarro Tears Into Trump Over Puerto Rico Tweets: Stupid, Insensitive, and Offensive

Puerto Rico Governor Fires Back at Trump’s Tweets: Victims Don’t Deserve to Have Their Pain Questioned

Researchers Stand by Study on Puerto Rico Death Toll After Trump’s Tweets

Fox News Panel Absolutely Shreds Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Puerto Rico Response: It ‘Cheapens Us as a Country’

Abby Huntsman Clashes With View Colleagues on Puerto Rico: ‘Unfair’ to Compare Trump to Dictators

San Juan Mayor Lights Up Trump For Defending Puerto Rico Response: ‘OUR LIVES MATTER’

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