Scarborough Slams Lorne Michaels: Bravely Goes After Politicians, but Not Harvey Weinstein?

There was a bit of friendly fire at NBC today when Joe Scarborough went after Lorne Michaels over his decision not to address the Harvey Weinstein scandal on Saturday Night Live.

The topic came up after Willie Geist talked about the allegations that The New York Times killed a report on Weinstein’s sexual misconduct years ago. Geist said that between all the sexual controversies between Fox News, Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, something ought to happen so women will feel empowered to speak out against improper behavior.

From there, Scarborough tore into the SNL producer for saying that Weinstein’s scandal was too much of a local story to be worth addressing on the show.

“I know it’s a sacred cow at NBC, but c’mon, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say this. You have Lorne Michaels saying this is a local story? This is a New York story, so he killed all reference toss Harvey Weinstein on SNL? They bravely go after politicians, we could update his turn to an anti-Trump editorial and good for them. But Lorne Michaels says this is a local story? That’s like saying the Catholic church scandal was a central Rome story. People have to stop protecting Harvey Weinstein. If we’re really going to move forward, they have to start saying things that are uncomfortable. I’m not really sure why it took Harvey Weinstein losing his power for people to start doing that.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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