Scott Walker Says His Canada Fence Idea Was a Joke: ‘I’ve Never Talked About a Wall’

PicMonkey Collage - WalkerDuring a Sunday interview on Meet The Press, Scott Walker drew Canadian ire when he suggested building a wall on America’s northern border was a “legitimate issue” to consider. Walker was asked to speak about it again on America’s Newsroom earlier today, where he promised that it was just a joke, and that he didn’t actually pitch a fence.

“This is just a joke in terms of how people react to things,” Walker said. “I’ve said for some time that we need to secure the southern border. I’ve talked about the infrastructure, the personnel and the technology needed there. I’ve talked about enforcing the laws.”

Walker continued to explain that his comments were in reference to discussions he had with constituents during his campaign. He said that the “legitimate issue” applied to the questions he received on the allocation of resources and personnel across the Canadian border.

“I’ve never talked about a wall at the north, I’m certainly not now,” Walker said. “That’s just what happens when things get run amok.”

You can watch the segment here, beginning at 3:16:

[h/t The Hill]
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