Sen. DeMint: Tea Party ‘Had Nothing To Do’ With Obstruction In Payroll Tax Cut Extension Fight

On CNN’s State of the Union today, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint responded to an assertion made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week on Meet the Press that the influence of the Tea Party has been dying down as the economy is slowly picking up steam. Reid claimed that Republicans are starting to realize the Tea Party is too radical and are trying to distance themselves from it, but DeMint argued that the movement is still going strong.

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Candy Crowley observed that in a recent poll, the Tea Party has been losing some traction following the debate over the payroll tax cut extensions. DeMint insisted that particular fight “had nothing to do with the Tea Party,” laying the blame in that particular spat with the media for misrepresenting the arguments.

In fact, DeMint argued that Reid was more to blame than the Tea Party for obstruction in the case of the payroll tax cut extension. He pointed to Reid’s support of a two-month extension that he said would have been payed for with the “permanent increase in the cost of mortgages in America.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

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