Stephanie Ruhle Spars With Whitefish Energy Spox Over Lucrative Puerto Rico Contract


The humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico has been an issue on the minds of many for over a month now and for good reason.

With recent news of Whitefish Energy’s controversially-awarded contract to help restore the destroyed powergrid, a lot of tough questions have been rapidly arising for the Montana-based company.

To assuage public concerns, Whitefish sent out spokesperson Ken Luce to stop by MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle and talk about the issues surrounding the deal. With all that is at stake in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico, unsurprisingly this was not a soft-ball interview full of Dobbs-isms.

Wasting no time, Ruhle started the interview by immediately asking Ken the question of the hour on PR: How did his his company Whitefish get the contested contract?

Luce, responded in kind that the deal—which disallows government over-sight of cost and profits—was “simple” and was achieved essentially because of Whitefish’s entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to “get on the plane and fly to Puerto Rico when no one else would.” Ken further reasoned that Whitefish won out because, “they wanted to do the business and they got there.”

This response was obviously very kind to Whitefish and is in contrast to the reported concerns of many that the contract was fast-tracked because of Whitefish’s hometown relationship to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

To put it lightly, Ruhle was having none of it, interrupting and pointing out that the American Association of Public Utilities (AAPU) was “also interested in the contract and they also had no strings attached and weren’t asking for anything up front.”

Ken Luce, lacking a real rebuttal, feigned ignorance to the reports and quickly deflected blame onto PREPA for the APPU’s lack of involvement. He concluded by humble-bragging that “we’re there doing work today with 325 people on island” and that “their contractors” (the AAPU’s) aren’t “there yet.” Woof.

From there, Ruhle kept pressing him over the course of the rest of this contentious interview leading to Luce to refers to complaints about the contract as “conspiracy theories.” Again, Ruhle wasn’t allowing it.

In a highlight, Ruhle was almost able to get Luce to publicly admit that the $300 million Puerto Rico contract is the largest deal ever for the Montana-based energy company.

To say that this 8-minute segment is a bit of a doozy is an understatement.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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